We will not be publishing until Monday 16 August
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After a very productive year, Delta is taking a break. Until Monday 16 August we will not be publishing, but we are not leaving you empty-handed!

What is a vacation without any good reads? Surely we wouldn’t leave you hanging? We have selected some of our most read, enjoyable and impactful articles from the past six months.

One on one conversations are a great way for people to reflect on past events and share their ideas on tough topics or decisions. These are our two favourites:

Impactful series
A series of related articles allows us to really dive into complex topics and provide valuable information. The China Files surely had their impact. On both TU Delft and beyond.

 (Artwork: Liam van Dijk)

Articles that sparked debate
Our platform is open to well written and well-argued opinion pieces by students and employees. Some write regularly, some as a one-off response to developments. These were the most impactful columns and opinion articles:

  • ‘Our degrees don’t cost the same
    Assistant professor Trivik Verma worries about international students, who pay twice the tuition fee he did, for the same quality education and an uncertain future.
  • A permanent contract
    It took 12 years’ worth of temporary contracts before columnist Bob van Vliet was given a permanent position at TU Delft. He hopes for better things for his peers.
  • The loss of social encounters
    The loss of social encounters is affecting personal development, says Industrial Design Engineering student Kaj Geheniau. More attention needs to be paid to (student) welfare.

TU Delft at the Olympics
After a year of waiting, the 2020 Summer Olympics are due to start on 23 July 2021. TU Delft will also be present in Tokyo: with student athletes and research.

Rower Roos de Jong will compete at the Olympics in the double scull. (Photo: Sam Rentmeester)

Struggling through the lockdown
TU Delft staff have had a hard time during the corona crisis. Travel restrictions meant that some were stuck abroad while others combined home schooling of their children with deep thinking.

  • ‘I couldn’t go to my father’s cremation’
    Delta caught up with struggling PhDs and postdocs one year after the first lockdown. Vibhas Mishra, Bowen Fan and Michal Shemesh share their personal stories. From suffering from long term effects of Covid-19 to losing a parent to corona.
  • How are TU Delft teachers teaching their own children?
    Primary schools have been closed; a major hassle for some. TU Delft teachers too were at their wits end because of home schooling. “As soon as I open my laptop, it’s ‘Dad, what are you doing? What’s happening? Who’s that on your screen?’”

During the lockdown Luuk (left) and Rolf Hut (right) sometimes worked from the same room. (Photo: Rolf Hut)

News, backgrounds or just a fun story. The TU Delft community consists of thousands of students, employees and alumni who have amazing stories to tell.

It’s not just great inventions that make up our science section. We also regularly ask TU Delft researchers to comment on pressing issues at play in society.

Alumnus Jan van der Tempel. (Photo: Jos Wassink)

Follow up
New facts, developments or reactions provide great input for follow up articles. This majorona trilogy shows that there is more than meets the eye.

  • Landmark article by QuTech researchers under scrutiny
    In May 2020, the TU Delft QuTech Quantum Computing research group raises the alarm. Its conclusions on majorana particles in a Nature article two years earlier supposedly aren’t right. The article is retracted because of false data analysis.
  • Majorana: not fraud, but confirmation bias
    What exactly happened in the lab and the offices of Professor of Quantum Transport Leo Kouwenhoven of QuTech and Microsoft in 2018? Did the researchers deliberately push unwelcome data aside to put peer scientists on the wrong track? A new expert report sheds some light.
  • How to tackle confirmation bias?
    Like any research field, physics can fall prey to confirmation bias, as the Delft Majorana case showed. Delta asked two psychologists, experts in the field, what can be done.

(Photo: Dalia Madi)

  • From Monday 16 August Delta will once again provide you with the latest news on science, education and campus life at TU Delft, starting with the OWee.