TU Delft Delta

Third year bachelor students from different studies built a robot during the Robotica minor. TU Delft TV filmed their creations.


In the first quarter, the students followed regular lectures. Students from different studies formed a team to design the robot. Using the design as a blueprint, the teams built a prototype in the second quarter. The students’ robot had to be operational at the presentations.


The goal of the programme was that students from different studies learn technical competences from each other by designing and building a real robot together. For example, user experience design is well-known to industrial designers, but is completely new to mechanical engineers. Testing software is the field of computer scientists, but can sound like magic to an electro technician.


Eight groups of students, each consisting of five or six students, showed their results on January 18th. Did you miss it? No worries, they all made beautiful websites to show off their robots.

  • Trident Delft
    A Roboat that can travel and perform actions at the same time. It will participate in the 2018 Roboboat Competition in Florida. 
  • Moonlander
    A robot that makes and transports cheese autonomously.
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy is a robotic ball that helps children fell less lonely in hospital.
  • Kroboot 
    The Kroboot will help clear canals from duckweed, a well-known problem in the Netherlands.
  • The PaCbot
    For the company Huisman Equipment, this team made a robotic arm that helps change pipe pads on the ocean floor. 
  • Host Robot Iona
    This robot is a host that helps you find your way around the Science Centre Delft, while moving up and down to interact with small children.
  • Bartender Robot
    Barrie, the Bartender Robot is an interactive, automated bar where you can order drinks and snacks and where you can also sit or stand.
  • Rose Picking Robot
    The harvesting of roses is done manually and is therefore very labour intensive. This team made a rose picking robot for the companies Berg Roses Nederland and Porta Nova Rozenkwekerijen.

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