Will Delft break the pipetting world record? 

The board of the Delft study association for nanobiology Hooke. (photo: S.V.N.B. Hooke)


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Transferring fifty milliliters of liquid from one cup to the other within five minutes with a pipette, with at least 250 people at the same time. That is what it takes to break the world record for pipetting.


Sounds feasible, Delft study association for nanobiology Hooke believed. So on Saturday 3 June they are going to attempt to set the pipetting world record at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Although currently no pipetting record stands in the books, Guinness World Records has limited the world record at a minimum number of participants of 250.


Those who sign up for the record attempt don't just have to show up for the five minutes that Guinness World Records allows it to take. Participants will also have access to the business fair, a mini-symposium and a lecture by professor of nanobiology Cees Dekker. With the record attempt, the study association hopes to increase brand awareness for both the program and the study association.


To meet the minimum number of participants, the organizers still need about a hundred registrations. Spectators and financials donations are welcomed as well. 


  • Official pipetting world record attempt, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, 15:00-17:00. You can register on the website.