Vindicat events cancelled after misbehaviour of members


Lees in het Nederlands


The mayor of Groningen is fed up with it. Because members of student association Vindicat misbehaved this weekend, he has prohibited a large sailing event of the association. Other events have also been cancelled for the time being.


The police had to spring into action Friday evening after a Vindicat party at a recreational pond in the city. RTV Noord reports that a grim atmosphere ensued with fights and vandalism to buses. 


The busses were supposed to bring the students back to the city centre, but the Vindicat members intimidated bus drivers and fellow passengers, did not adhere to the mouth cap obligation and took safety hammers out of their holders. 


Heartfelt apology
Vindicat offers " heartfelt apologies" and writes that the events "do not paint a representative picture of the association". The board wants to do everything in its power to track down the members involved, after which "appropriate measures" will follow.


In recent years Vindicat has been the subject of much negative publicity due to hazing that got out of hand, sexism and other misconduct. The association was denied board grants for two years because of these problems and was not welcome at official university and college meetings. (HOP, JvE)