Universities help pension fund ABP with sustainable investments

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On behalf of the universities, scientific experts will critically examine the investment policy of pension fund ABP. They will be advising the fund twice a year.
Last month, the VSNU university association met with the ABP board to discuss the pension fund's unsustainable investment policy. The board has recently been criticised, for example by the Young Academy and Scientists4future.


Rightful call
Rightly so, according to VSNU president Pieter Duisenberg: "Universities and scientists are working on the future on a daily basis. Whether it is about educating young people or researching social challenges; we want to be a driving force of progress." 
One of the agreements with ABP was that the VSNU would set up a scientific committee that could provide solicited and unsolicited advice. That committee has now been appointed and is chaired by Dirk Schoenmaker, professor of banking & finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam. (HOP, HC)