TU Delft employees: the ideal working week is spending half of it at home


Photo: Dalia Madi

Almost 95% of TU Delft employees want to spend half their work time on campus and half at home after the corona crisis. Almost nobody wants to return to campus full time and about 5% only want to work from home. These are the initial findings of a survey of 1,874 employees carried out by TU Delft. The most important question was what their ideal working week would look like.

Dean Ena Voûte of Industrial Design Engineering and Head of the Strategic Taskforce Work & Well-being reports that the rest of the findings will be published later. It is not yet clear when this will be. What she can say now is that the preference for the time division between working at home and at campus varies between 5% and 10% across the eight faculties. The difference between academic and support staff is only a couple of percent, she says.

It is as yet unknown what new policy the ideal working week survey will lead to. However, in answer to Delta’s questions, Voûte does say that TU Delft is a ‘campus university’. “Some people will have to get used to much of our work being done on campus again.” (SB)