TU Delft and Royal DSM join forces in new laboratory for AI and biotechnology

TU Delft and Royal DSM are joining forces in a new laboratory for artificial intelligence and biotechnology, the Artificial Intelligence Lab for Biosciences (the AI4B.io Lab). Biotechnology is a branch of science that advances primarily through processes of trial and error. This will be different in the new lab. Relevant microorganisms will be brought to life in a digital environment with the aid of digital twins, a virtual and a lifelike version, TU Delft and DSM state in a press release. Machine learning will generate insight into how to tweak the microorganisms and biotech processes. Although AI is already widely applied in engineering research – for instance, to replace physical wind turbines or tunnels with digital twins – the AI4B.io Lab will be one of the first of its kind to explore AI’s potential in biosciences and biotechnology.