Taking teacher course becomes easier


Terug naar het Nederlands 


At the last minute, the government has improved a bill that would allow wo students to quickly become teachers after their bachelor‘s degree. The amendment is also good news for pre-master’s students.


The educational module is a six-month teaching programme that allows you to become a teacher after your bachelor‘s degree. Of course, the short module is not the same as a full teacher training programme, so you will get a 'limited second-degree qualification’. You are allowed to teach within vmbo-t and lower secondary havo and vwo.


An ‘experiment’ had been running since 2016, but this fast track to becoming a teacher will now be enshrined in law. Because every little bit helps in the fight against the teacher shortage. It is a hammer piece: the Lower House will not even discuss it again.


‘Computer says no’
Small practical problem: a six-month programme does not fit so well into the systems of study finance company DUO. And that can have financial consequences for students who want to borrow tuition fees for this module.


That is why there is now a separate provision in the bill. Students can request DUO to provide the amount over six months. It is "implementation-wise" not possible to change the DUO systems in the short term so that this is not necessary. (HOP, BB)