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‘Students not in rush hour anyway’

Most likely, universities and colleges will be allowed to open their doors in mid-June for the necessary laboratory courses and exams. However, as few students as possible should use public transport. Students should not travel during rush hour anyway, writes State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure to the House of Representatives. The Cabinet has agreed this with universities and colleges.
Public transport is a hot topic in the corona crisis. It is difficult to keep a distance of one and a half metres in the train or bus. How do you prevent the virus from spreading in a busy rush hour? Use public transport only for necessary journeys, the government urges. Avoid rush hour. If possible, walk or take the bike. From 1 June, mouth masks will also be compulsory. Universities and colleges are now making plans for the situation from 15 June. If they indeed get the green light, they will look at which groups of students urgently need to come to the campus, for example for laboratory courses or exams that cannot be made at home. (HOP, Bas Belleman)

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