Students design exhibition

The designs of 22 students of the minor Spaces of Display (Architecture and the Built Environment) can be seen in the exhibition Behind Closed Windows. The exhibition can be visited both online and physically.

At the beginning of their minor in September the students chose between two collections of the Science Centre Delft. One collection is called ‘Stones & Minerals' and contains thousands of special stones, minerals and ores. The other collection is called 'Martinus Willem Beijerinck’ and is about the first discoverer of the virus. In their designs the students have given their own view on the collection they chose.

The exhibition starts this Wednesday and lasts until Wednesday 10 February. The physical version will be on display behind the windows of the Prinsenkwartier at Sint Agathaplein. The online version can be found at the website of the Science Centre. Behind Closed Doors is a collaboration between the Science Centre Delft and the minor Spaces of Display.