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Student housing ranking: Delft in fifth place

Of the thirteen major student cities in the Netherlands, Maastricht has the best policy on student housing, says the National Student Trade Union (LSVb). According to the LSVb, Maastricht provides students with good (English-language) information about, among other things, housing searches and tenant rights. Moreover, the city has set up all kinds of projects to make living more pleasant and safer. At the bottom is Tilburg, where students temporarily had to spend the night in tents. Together with Enschede, The Hague and Rotterdam, Delft is in fifth place. According to the LSVb, the average score of Delft is mainly due to the expensive conversion permit for normal houses to student houses. This costs just over 1500 euros and the municipality also requires a livability test. Delft is doing better than in 2019, when it ranked lowest. (HOP)



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