Solar Boat changes to hydrogen

It will still be sustainable, but will lose its solar panels. The TU Delft Solar Boat Team will make the design for its new boat known on 21 January. The boat will no longer sail on solar power, but on hydrogen instead. The Team will compete in the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, an international competition in Monaco, in July. What will the boat look like this year? Team Manager Simone Vis will not yet say. “We will issue this information on 21 January. What we will say is that it will be quite a bit bigger than its forerunners. Up to now, the solar boats were always designed for navigation on inland waterways. This year the vessel has to be seaworthy.”

Is it not time to call the boat something else? Solar Boat is an odd name for a boat with no solar power cells. Vis agrees. “We will probably change the name next year. Our project name has already been changed; it’s called the ‘Hydromotion project’ now.”