Self-tests in higher education


If the corona infections do not increase too much, all students will be allowed to visit the campus one day a week again from 26 April. The government thinks that self-tests can help.
But how do you get these tests to all those hundreds of thousands of students and staff members? There have been many questions about this in recent weeks, also in the Lower House. In a letter, Minister Van Engelshoven explains a few things (Dutch only).


SURF, the ICT organisation for education, will lend a hand. A digital portal will be created where students and staff can order free self-tests. They can log in using the details of their existing institutional account. The self-tests are then delivered to the address they have provided.
The entire operation will cost almost half a billion euros. The money comes from the "big corona fund" of the Ministry of Finance. The self-tests are voluntary and certainly no substitute for the basic rules, such as keeping one and a half metres away, staying at home in case of symptoms and washing your hands regularly. (HOP, EF)