‘Secondary jobs for tax lawyers at the University of Amsterdam lead to integrity problems’


Terug naar het Nederlands


Almost all University of Amsterdam (UvA) tax law professors have a secondary function at large law or tax consultancy firm, writes university magazine Folia. These sometimes influence their academic publications.


Several tax law lecturers at the UvA reported that they have to submit the articles they write as academics to the firm where they work the rest of the week, and that they have to make adjustments.
Some were banned by their offices from speaking to certain media, and were no longer allowed to engage in social debate on certain topics as a scientist. Others had to submit their speaking texts to their office and were given them back with amendments.


Flagrant violation
Dean André Nollkaemper of the UvA Faculty of Law calls these reports in Folia shocking and promises an investigation. "It would be unacceptable, a blunt and flagrant violation of scientific integrity." (HOP, HC)