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Scientists will protest cycling

Traditionally, the opening of the academic year is the moment when trade unions and (student) organizations take action. But because of the corona crisis, this year will be different. That is why on 31 August, the General Education Association (AOb), the trade union FNV and WOinActie are organising the Tour of Academics, with which they are paying attention to the high number of researchers and lecturers in temporary employment. Those who register for the tour cycle a route between two university cities. “In this way we visualize that every summer a huge group of scientists has to leave from one university to another,” says Marijtje Jongsma, AOb director and associate professor at Radboud University. “Structural work simply involves permanent employment. Flexcontracts involve all kinds of extra problems, such as high work pressure, hyper-competition and social insecurity.” (HOP)


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