Prof. Bart van Arem appointed Pro Vice Rector Magnificus for Doctoral Affairs

The Executive Board has appointed Professor Bart van Arem as Pro Vice Rector Magnificus for Doctoral Affairs (PVR DA) with effect from 1 June 2021. He will take over these duties from Professor Peter Wieringa, who is retiring.

As PVR DA, Van Arem will be responsible for the appointment of supervisors and co-supervisors, the installation of doctoral committees and the processing of cum laude proposals and requests to obtain the ius promovendi, the right to award doctoral degrees. He is in control of incidents related to the PhD procedure, such as suspicions of fraud or conflicts between supervisors and PhD students. As chairman of the Supervisory Committee on Doctoral Degrees (the Werkcommissie voor Promoties, or WvP), he is also responsible for the proceedings during doctoral examinations. To this end, he formally appoints the chairs of doctoral committees and ensures compliance with the protocol.

Since 2012 Van Arem is director of the TU Delft Transport Institute. He is known worldwide for his research on automated driving and has been Founding Editor in Chief of the IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems since 2020. The appointment as PVR DA is initially for four years.

Lees in het Nederlands

Prof. Bart van Arem. (Photo: Sam Rentmeester)