Postdocs skeptical about ‘recognise and reward’


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PhD students and university lecturers see something in the new ‘recognize and value’, but postdocs and professors expect little from it. This is evident from a poll by news platform ScienceGuide.


Researchers at universities used to be judged mainly on their publications: how many are there, in which journals do they appear and are they cited well by other scientists? This is too rigid, according to a large part of the academic world. You should also be able to make a career at the university if, for example, you provide good teaching or disseminate scientific knowledge in society. Leadership, team science and other tasks should also be appreciated.


ScienceGuide surveyed over three hundred researchers through various networks. PhD students seem somewhat enthusiastic about recognition and appreciation, and university lecturers are also positive. Postdocs, on the other hand, are skeptical. They often have a poor position at the university and usually work on a temporary contract: they apparently do not think things will improve. Professors also generally prefer the current situation. They are at the top and thus have climbed the mountain in the old system. They seem to have slightly less confidence in the new approach.


The sample is not entirely representative, writes ScienceGuide; for example, too few lawyers and too few researchers from the "agriculture" sector responded. The journalists did seek advice from a professor of statistics. (HOP, BB)