Obstacles for students with long covid


Terug naar het Nederlands


The Cabinet has demanded that universities of applied sciences provide ‘customised’ services for students with long covid. But this is not yet going well everywhere, says the National Students Union (LSVb).


It is not known how many students suffer from long-term serious complaints after a Covid-19 infection, writes (in Dutch) Minister Van Gennip of Social Affairs in response to questions from D66. LSVb president Ama Boahene suspects that it concerns “a large group”.


Those students are helped when their studies are delayed and they can get financial support from the profiling fund.


According to the LSVb, this does not go well everywhere. “It is worrying that it depends on where you study how well you are helped,” says Boahene. According to her, students have to “jump through many hoops” to get the right support. “Students are not always taken seriously. For example, they have to prove that they are ill, while that is not always visible.”


In addition, students often do not know that help is available, she observes. "Only 5 percent of the students know about the existence of the profiling fund." According to Boahene, the institutions should better inform students about what help they can get. (HOP, JvE)