No extra board months for SoSalsa


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(Photo: SoSalsa)


TU Delft does not have to grant extra board months to student dance association SoSalsa. The Council of State gave this ruling on Wednesday 8 November.


The board now receives 22 board months from TU Delft, a financial compensation for study delays due to board work. The SoSalso board members believe they are entitled to 24 extra administrative months to maintain the Delftstede hall they rent for their activities. They rent that hall because they believe that not all their activities fit in TU Delft's sports and cultural centre X. The schedule is too full and the dance halls too small, the students say.


SoSalsa first tried to get more board months through an internal objection procedure. When that failed, they went to the Council of State. According to the latter, TU Delft proved with sufficient arguments that the association is not entitled to extra administrative months because SoSalsa's core activity, dance classes, can take place in sports and cultural centre X.


In addition, TU Delft and the Council of State argue that it is not possible ‘to fully facilitate associations in carrying out their activities. Given the number of associations, there may not always be as much space available at X as an association wishes’.


The full ruling (in Dutch) can be read here.(BK)