New Supervisory Board member


Terug naar het Nederlands


The TU Delft Supervisory Board has a new member: Paul Verhagen CFO and member of the Management Board of chip producer ASM International. Verhagen studied at Tilburg University in the 1980s and worked for Philips and Fugro. As usual, he was appointed by the Minister of Education for a four-year term.


The TU Delft Executive Board thinks that Verhagen’s ‘financial expertise and business management experience in sectors relevant to TU Delft’ will be a ‘valuable addition’ to the Supervisory Board.


In addition to Verhagen, it includes: Tijo Collot d’Escury (president), Luc Soete, Heleen Wachters and Manon van Beek. Their duties include appointing members of the Executive Board and approving the budget, annual report and institutional plan. (SB)