New record for Eco-Runner Team

The Delft Eco-Runner Team has driven 1196 kilometers with its newest hydrogen car (the Eco-Runner XI) on a tank filled with only 450 grams of hydrogen. In doing so, the students have set a new world record. The previous record belonged to a hydrogen car from Toyota, which drove about 1,000 kilometers with more fuel.

The students drove laps on a cycle track in Helmond from 9 a.m. Monday morning until 9:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. Right after the start, things seemed to go wrong. The car had bad luck because rain and mud had gotten to the fuel cell. But this shortcoming was quickly remedied.

It is the second car of the team that competes in the category Urban Concept Class. The aim is to make a car that somewhat resembles a normal car. Until 2020 they participated in the so-called prototype category. These are cars that are much more efficient, but do not look like real cars; they are extremely small, light and cigar-shaped.