NSE: ‘green’ studies excel


Terug naar het Nederlands


At the university, 79 percent of the students are satisfied or very satisfied with their study programme in general. At universities of applied sciences, that percentage is 66 percent. This is the conclusion of the National Student Survey 2022.


It is not really possible to say how these numbers compare to previous years, according to the Studiekeuze123 (Study choice123) foundation, which organizes the survey on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education. This is because the questionnaire this year is different from previous years.


There are significant differences between the sectors this year. Of the university students in ‘agriculture and natural environment’ 88.4 percent are satisfied, while only 3 percent are dissatisfied. In law and economics, some 75 percent are satisfied, with 7.5 percent dissatisfied students.


In the universities of applied sciences, the pattern is similar. There, too, the ‘green’ programs stand out with a satisfaction of 76.6 percent and 6.3 percent who dislike the program. But satisfaction sinks below 60 percent among students in legal programs and there a remarkable 12.3 percent are dissatisfied. (HOP, BB)