More Twente-Amsterdam engineering programmes

The University of Twente (UT) is expanding its cooperation with the Free University (VU) in Amsterdam to include two new bachelor‘s programmes and a joint master’s specialisation. The two universities started a joint bachelor’s programme in mechanical engineering in 2019. The aim was to persuade more pre-university students from the Noord-Holland and Flevoland regions to take technical courses closer to home.

This cooperation seems to be going well, because the two universities have announced three new projects. One of these is a master’s specialisation in sports data science. The track will start in 2021 at the UT as part of the master‘s in computer science, and a year later at the VU, as part of the master’s in human movement sciences.

There are also plans for two new technical bachelor's programmes in Amsterdam: creative technology (starting in 2023) and technical business administration (starting in 2023 or 2024). Both programmes are currently offered in Twente. (HOP, Evelien Flink)