LSVb: stop online proctoring

Many colleges and universities are still making use of online proctored exams, say the Dutch National Union of Students (LSVb). The organisation is calling on universities to reduce the use of online proctoring.

The LSVb only examined the software of the company ProctorExam. Fifteen of the 21 educational institutions surveyed are still using ProctorExam. TU Delft currently only works with the software of another provider: RP Now.

There have been many problems with ProctorExam in recent months according to the LSVb. Because of malfunctioning software the Erasmus University declared 102 exams invalid, although this decision was later revoked. ProctorExam is also struggling with many technical problems, says the LSVb. ProctorExam responded to the claims made by the LSVb. The decision to declare the exams invalid at the Erasmus University Rotterdam was taken by the examination board. In addition, ProctorExam could have estimated in advance that the number of exams could not be reviewed by the reviewers within 48 hours. However, there were no technical problems, such as ‘hiccups’ in the internet connection, as the National Union of Students outlines. Moreover, after the analysis of the exam time versus the review time, ProctorExam concluded that they could stay within the agreed time frame.” 

At TU Delft, between 5 and 15 percent of the total number of exams are currently online proctored. About thirty percent of the students encounter technical problems when using RP Now.