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Library reopens for students


At arrival, students should register at a temporary reception desk. (Photo: Jos Wassink)

On the first day that the TU Delft Library reopens its doors for students, three quarters of the study places are reserved. Just walking in and finding a place is no longer an option. Students have to book a place online and report upon arrival, showing a reservation and a campus card. There are 50 places available in the morning (08:30-12:30) and 50 in the afternoon (13:00-17:00). In the morning, the seating is on the right hand side on the red benches and in project rooms, in the afternoon it is on the left in, among others, the blue room and the red room. The Library will be cleaned in between. Due to the limited space available, students can only make reservations for up to one half day per week, unless their study advisor requests urgency. In that case more than one half day may be reserved. According to Library staff member Marion van Putter, students are ‘very happy’ with the reopening - not only of the library, but also of the Coffee Star.

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