Keep ‘flying scientists’ on the ground more often
Universities must do their best to reduce their CO2 emissions from flying, according to De Jonge Akademie. In a Wednesday published report (in Dutch) on the ecological footprint of academic flying de Jonge Akademie advises to invest digital conferences and good webcams.
Universities often show good intentions with their Green Offices and ambitious policy plans on sustainability. But, according to the authors, the policies pursued by educational institutions to reduce their emissions from flying are still "fragmented, powerless and ineffective".

The Society has estimated the total CO2 emissions of universities.The ecological footprint of TU Delft is low compared to other universities. A note: according to the authors of the report, the exact numbers and comparisons of CO2 emissions are lacking, because the measurement methods vary greatly from one university to another.

© HOP. Source: De Jonge Akademie.

(Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau, Evelien Flink)