Inter-club eco-race on liveblog

When the annual Shell Eco-marathon for the most economical city car was cancelled, the three student teams with the best papers agreed to meet at Circuit Park Berghem on Friday 11 June. Without an audience, but with a live blog. The race and prize-giving will take place between 16:15 and 17:30.

The TU Delft Eco-Runner team will compete against the Green Team from TU Twente and the HAN Hydromotive team from Arnhem. The winner is not the fastest - they all drive around 30 kilometres per hour - but the most economical. And economical they are! Inge Schut, PR Manager of Team Eco-Runner says that last year‘s record was 2,500 km/kg H2 - that’s 25 times more fuel-efficient than Honda or Toyota hydrogen cars, which get about 100 km on 1 kg H2.

Of course, the aim is to beat last year’s record. Schut mentions the favourable aerodynamics and the low weight as the strongest points of the TU Delft design.