Inspectorate did not know about stop on international students


Terug naar het Nederlands


The University of Amsterdam (UvA) was the first university to limit the number of internationals within a study programme. This was actually not allowed, but the Inspectorate did not intervene. 


In 2022, the UvA introduced a quota for the English-language variant of the bachelor’s degree in psychology. The university board wanted to increase the proportion of Dutch students by doing so. It worked, reports (in Dutch) De Parool newspaper. The proportion of first-year psychology students speaking Dutch has grown from 29 to 53 per cent.


Outgoing education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf actually wanted universities to wait until the law is amended. He wants to give them tools, including a numerus fixus for English-language pathways, to manage the international intake.


The UvA did not wait. The education inspectorate had expected that the experiment would not go ahead after Dijkgraaf whistled back the university, a spokesperson says. “We thought it was only an intention. Now it appears that the intention has been fulfilled. We are figuring out what to do with this.” (HOP, PvT)