Team video Myonics

Five IDE students have entered the top 20 of the James Dyson Award, an international design competition, with their special computer interface. The submission of team Myonics enables people suffering from muscular dystrophy (Duchenne's disease), who can barely move their hands, to work with a computer. The students use electric signals (EMG) to the biceps, triceps and forearm muscles of both arms. They pick up these signals via specially designed cuffs.
James Dyson will announce his personal choice from the 20 top designs on 19 November. Independently of this, the Myonics team plans to further develop its design with the Amsterdam based company Yumen Bionics into a pair of sleeves that control a computer via Bluetooth. Team Myonics consists of Rebekah Kempske, Preeti Sandhir, Xingyu Fan, Jeroen Lieveloo and Taner Ulusoy.