Georgios Andreadis is Best Graduate 2020


Georgios Andreadis has been elected Best Graduate 2020. He graduated at the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science (EEMCS) on the capacity planning of cloud data centers.

Like the roads they are on, and the dikes they are behind, cloud data centers are an essential part of our national and global infrastructure. Thanks to Andreadis research, they will be able to meet the ever-increasing demand for computing power cheaper, more efficiently and more sustainably in the future.

The end result of his master's research at the Large Research Group is the Capelin tool, which supports capacity planners working on new hardware. Many organizations, from industry to scientific institutes, have shown interest in the tool as soon as the software becomes available.


The award ceremony took place online this year. (Screenshot: Delft University Fund)


Delft University Fund annually organizes the Best Graduate Award Ceremony. Each faculty nominates a graduate for this award ceremony. The nominees this year were:

Chen Chou (Industrial Design Engineering), Rick Waasdorp (3mE), Amina Chouairi (Architecture and the Built Environment), Frans Liqui Lung (Civil Engineering & Geosciences)Georgios Andreadis (EEMCS)Wouter Schaberg (Aerospace Engineering)Maria Chiara Mazza (Technology, Policy  & Management) and Teun Huijben (Applied Sciences).