Former Rotterdam rector receives prison sentence 


Terug naar het Nederlands 


The former rector of the former Islamic High School Europe has been sentenced to 28 months in prison. He sold thousands of forged receipts of donations, with which donors could claim tax deductions.


The fraud at the non-funded Rotterdam college came to light in 2016. The rector and an accountant were arrested in December after a raid by the tax investigation police. They provided donors of the college's imam training programme with fake payment receipts stating that they had donated 10 times as much money. This allowed them to deduct from tax a total of some €8.5 million more than they were entitled to.


The former rector was released after several months. He did not wait for the trial but left for Turkey, where he still lives. On Wednesday, the Rotterdam District Court sentenced him to 28 months in prison. If he returns to the Netherlands, he will have to serve it. (HOP, HC)