Fifteen young researchers got a Rubicon grant


Terug naar het Nederlands



Research funders NWO and ZonMw are giving 15 newly promoted scientists a Rubicon grant to gain experience at a foreign knowledge institution. Over a third of the applications were honoured.


Almost all laureates go abroad for two years. Seven choose the United States, two Germany, two the United Kingdom and the rest travels to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan.


NWO selected two TU-scientists. Postdoc researcher Talieh Ghiasi is investigating the use of magnetic graphene to make even faster, smaller and energy-efficient devices. For this she will leave for Harvard in the US. Postdoc Alessio Fragasso is researching the effectiveness of antimicrobial proteins at US Stanford University. These so-called peptides are a promising alternative to antibiotics.


Forty applications were submitted for this second round of 2022 Rubicon grants, of which 37.5 per cent were honoured. The results of the third round of 2022 will follow in April. NWO and ZonMw award around 60 of these every year. (HOP, HC / Delta, RvdW)