Education to remain open as long as possible in new wave of coronavirus


Lees in het Nederlands


Should the coronavirus flare up again, the Government will keep educational institutions open as long as possible. Only if pupils, students and staff are in immediate danger will the gates be closed.


Education is ‘at the bottom of the pile’ if the Government needs to take new measures against the coronavirus, the Ministers of Health, Economic Affairs and Social Affairs wrote to the House of Representatives today. The same applies to childcare services.


The Cabinet speaks of ‘a partial closure’ of education should there really be no other option, but the Ministers intend to avoid closure ‘at all times’, says the letter.


The Cabinet also plans to deploy ‘students of medicine’s waiting time’ during a coronavirus wave. These are students who are on the waiting list for residencies. So that they too gain from the experience, they should have a say in the work and be able to contribute their own ideas. (HOP, BB)