Education protest against budget cuts


Universities and trade unions protested last Monday in The Hague against a cut of 149 million euros in secondary and higher education. This 149 million euros will be spread out over several years and will be paid for half by the universities. The money is needed for the corona support measures for students. Some of them will have a longer right to study financing and a ov-student card. That support does not fall entirely within the 8.5 billion euros of corona measures for education.


But the universities and unions plea for extra money: 1.1 billion euros per year. Only then will they be at a "normal academic level," they say. A group of students handed over a petition to the Lower House that has been signed almost 52 thousand times. They want "full compensation of tuition and fees paid in the pandemic". The action group CCN (Compensate Tuition Fee Now) has the support of some local student unions and the SP youth. (HOP, BB)