Dutch pension fund ABP sells Russian investments


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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Dutch pension fund ABP will sell all its remaining investments in Russian companies. ABP already did not invest in Russian government bonds. As of 24 February 2022, ABP had approximately 520 million euros worth of investments in Russia, just under 0.1 percent of its total invested assets. The Board of Trustees has stated (in Dutch) that the investments in Russia had already been significantly reduced in recent years. Recently, the pension fund for the government and education sold part of its investments in Russian oil and gas companies. This decision was taken after persistent protests by climate activists and affiliated employees.


Arms embargo
ABP did not invest in Russian government bonds. Due to an EU arms embargo, they were already on the pension fund's exclusion list. The sale of the remaining investments may take some time, according to the Board. They will take place ‘as soon as it is responsibly possible’. The Dutch pension fund bpfBouw is also stopping (in Dutch) all its investments in Russia. Several pension funds in the United States, Norway and Denmark already decided to do so earlier this week. (HOP/HC)