Delta archive is available online


Terug naar het Nederlands


An article with the headlines ‘Battery is Achilles' heel of electric car’ might be a current post, but Delta predecessor THD Nieuws already wrote about this 40 years ago. In October 1982 to be precise. 


Dozens of annual volumes of Delta issues (and those of it's predecessors) filled the high shelves of our depot. Next to them were boxes filled with volumes of alumni magazine Delft Outlook. Apart from our own editors, nobody really ever went there.


But now that entire collection has been beautifully scanned bu GMS and made accessible to everyone by cultural heritage officer Jules Schoonman and student assistant Kevin Siemonsma. 


Delta, the archive shows, emerged in 1982 from its predecessors TH Mededelingen (1952 - 1972) and THD Nieuws (1968 - 1982). 


Full text search is not yet available. Schoonman will start working on that in 2023. The newspapers and magazines should eventually find their place on the TU Delft heritage website.