Delft solar car wins in South Africa


Terug naar het Nederlands

Students from the Brunel Solar Team have won the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa with their solar car Nuna11s.
On Friday 9 September, the eight-day race for solar cars started in Johannesburg. After more than 4,000 kilometres, the Nuna 11s finished as the winner. The Belgian Agoria Solar Team came in second.


All week long, the teams had been in a bloodcurdling race. On the last day of the race, the Belgians were leading, but battery problems forced the team to temporarily abandon the race, allowing the Delft students to retake the lead.

Sasol Solar Challenge
The Sasol Solar Challenge is an eight-day race for solar cars across South Africa over a distance of 2,500 kilometres. The team that completes the most kilometres within the specified time wins the race. To do so, the route features ‘loops’ that the teams can complete several times to rack up as many kilometres as possible. (MvdV)