CDA voted wrong on study recommendation


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In the Lower House, the CDA political party voted wrongly on the plans for changing the recommendation on the continuation of studies. The subject should have been ‘controversial' after all, according to the Christian Democrats. To newspaper Het Parool, MP René Peters confirmed that he had made a mistake. "Yes, that’s right, I did that wrong," he said. He wants to rectify it as soon as possible.


The House voted on 12 September on the list of issues that will no longer be dealt with before the 22 November elections. The House of Representatives‘ education committee had also put the plans to relax the recommendation on the continuation of studies on that list. But beforehand, D66 suggested not declaring the recommendation 'controversial’ after all, so as not to delay the bill. Disagreements will come up in debates anyway, was the reasoning.


Unexpectedly, that proposal got a majority, thanks in part to the CDA. But so that was a mistake. On Thursday, Peters wants to correct his mistake in the education committee. If that agrees, the Lower House will have to vote on it again. (HOP, BB)