Calvin Rans Interviews ChatGPT


Terug naar het Nederlands


Not only is Dr Calvin Rans one of Delft’s best lecturers (award 2019), he’s also spot-on with the latest information technology. In a recent video he interviews the AI text generator ChatGPT on its uses and weaknesses in education.



Rans made the video with Vyond animation software that transfers written into spoken text and inserted his own avatar that his students are familiar with. He edited out a number of examples that ChatGPT drowned him with and also the repetition of the question at the start of each answer.


“It’s like Wikipedia”, says Rans. “It gives you a lot of ideas to start with, but eventually you have to back everything up.” Unlike Wikipedia ChatGPT has a framing bias – it tells you what it ‘thinks’ you want to hear.


In his courses for first-year students Rans will add an appendix in which students are asked how they used AI tools for the project and what they did to verify the outcome. (JW)