Bridge made of beer crates

They are stress-resistant, can be stacked easily and are widely available: beer crates are excellent building blocks. Members of Het Gezelschap ‘Practische Studie’, the study association for civil engineering students at TU Delft, will finish building the world's largest beer crate bridge this week. They are doing this in the town of Hazerswoude-Dorp. The bridge will span approximately 31 metres. The students expect to connect the two parts which are still separate from each other on 15 September. And on Thursday 17 September at 7:00 PM they will remove the jetty under the bridge. If the bridge remains standing for at least an hour, the students will bring the world record back to TU Delft. The current record of 26.69 metres is held by TU Eindhoven. But it will be a challenge, said student Jim Brand on the phone. “Because of the bright sunshine, the crates on one side of the bridge will expand, making it less stable. The wind may also cause problems. The arch is only 1.2 meters wide.”


(Photo: Het Gezelschap “Practische Studie”)