Batavierenrace has started

Over 4,200 students will be running in the second online Batavierenrace from Thursday 22 to Saturday 24 April. They are not running between Nijmegen and Enschede as usual, but on their own and at a safe distance in their own student city. All 205 registered teams must cover 125 kilometres on foot to have a chance of winning the general classification. The fastest team wins the 49th Batavierenrace. The seven university teams have to go the extra mile; they have to walk no less than 175 kilometres.
This year, too, the decision had to be made to organise the Batavierenrace online. The principle is simple: participants keep track of their own performance with a running app such as Strava and can submit this via a special website. These performances, added together per team, determine the final result. The team with the highest average speed wins the Batavierenrace