Elco van Noort is a graduate of TU Delft and since 1987 has held a number of different roles at the university. Currently, he is the head of the Central International Office (CIO).

The CIO is responsible for the admission of international students at the university, as well as representing their interests and providing the necessary support.

1 Are international students important to TU Delft?yes

2 Does TU Delft adequately integrate international students?no

3 Have you ever been an international?yes

4 As a Dutch person, do you think international students feel represented by you?yes

5 Which question would you like to go back to?2 - "When international master's students and settled regular students hardly mingle, real integration is challenging. It will be best achieved with a fresh common start. A true mixture of people from various backgrounds will enhance general performance, stimulate internationalisation at home and prepare everybody for a future in an international working environment."