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[Humans of TU Delft] Job Bahlmann
Bachelor’s student Job Bahlmann is so passionate about beach volleyball that he helped to establish a new association at TU Delft. (Photo: Heather Montague)

With COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease, Job Bahlmann is hoping to share the sport he loves with others through Shot, a new beach volleyball association.

“I’m in my third year of studying Industrial Design, so hopefully I’ll finish this year. I’m also very passionate about volleyball. I started playing volleyball at age 14, so Ive been playing for seven years now. I play at Punch, the original volleyball association at TU Delft and that’s where I got introduced to beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball activities were already happening under Punch, but there was so much interest from people outside of Punch that we started a new, separate association called Shot. Its named after the term for hitting the ball in a certain way over your opponents. We normally play at X, and at the moment we have about 250 people. About 150 of those were already members of Punch, but we actually have a hundred or more new people which is quite a lot.

‘We are planning to begin the beach volleyball training in June’

In beach volleyball you play as a team of two and its almost the same size as a normal volleyball court. Technique makes a difference in beach volleyball, but its also about motivation. Its a whole other game in itself. It’s just two of you and you need go for every ball and communicate very well. You do that by shouting but also by hand signals. And you can get completely outplayed by another opponent if youre not adjusting well to their tactics.

It has been an uncertain time for our association as it is for everybody right now. Since last Wednesday we finally have something to look forward to. The government announced that it will be possible to play sports outside again. So, we are planning to begin the beach volleyball training in June. Sadly, the competition we had planned has been cancelled because it is still not allowed to play any matches. So, for the moment we are busy working out all the details to be able to start training safely.”

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