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Three TU Delft courses have been awarded prizes at this year’s Open Education Consortium conference.
Over the past eight years the university has been at the forefront of open education in the Netherlands, offering OpenCourseWare (OCW) since 2007 and massive open online courses (MOOCs) since 2013.

This year, the Open Education Consortium committee, comprised of both educators and online education advocates, awarded three of the nine prizes for outstanding sites and courses, to courses from TU Delft.

David Abbink's OCW 'The Human Controller', which is part of master's programme in mechanical engineering garnered an award for outstanding course. Being OpenCourseWare, it is digital and freely available offering people access to university-level coursework and educational materials. Prizes were also awarded to two of TU Delft's MOOCs; web-based courses with interactive user forums and participation which aim to build a community for both students and educators.

Jaap Dalhuizen's bachelor's level industrial design engineering course 'Delft Design Approach' was one of the winners. The other was 'Solving Complex Problems' a technical administration course by Alexander de Haan who, in 2013 was named TU Delft's best lecturer.

The annual conference, this year themed 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' took place in Canada at the end of April, and was organised by the Open Education Consortium, an organisation comprising hundreds of institutes involved in open education. TU Delft currently offers 18 MOOCs, with over 400, 000 people having completed, or enrolled in them, and 150 courses with 1,500 visits per day.

In an interview with the consortium the university's Vice-President for Education and Operations Anka Mulder affirmed the university's commitment to providing open educational resources, stating that the university plans to expand on their open and online course materials.

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