Wie de campus van de TU Delft mist, kan er de komende tijd digitaal rondwandelen. De volledige campus is sinds deze week te bezoeken in Minecraft
This is what the aula looks like in Minecraft. (Image: TU Delft)

If you miss the TU Delft campus, you're now able to walk around it digitally. The entire campus can be visited in Minecraft since this Monday.

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A speech for an audience? Due to the current corona crisis it's impossible in the physical world. But last Monday vice rector magnificus Rob Mudde spoke in front of an audience on the digital campus of the TU Delft in the extremely popular game Minecraft. His speech marked the official opening of the Minecraft campus. 

In Minecraft, players build their own world with blocks. In the fictional landscapes and buildings players create, play or attack avatars of other people. Using blueprints, geodata, and Google Maps a team of employees, PhD students and students from the TU Delft has digitally recreated the campus. 

For the advanced Minecraft player, a ‘survival mode’ is also available. For those new to the game, the creators have added a small disclaimer about that mode: "This world contains monsters, resources and all sorts of things that might be very intimidating if you don’t know what’s happenings", they write in their digital manual.

Curious about the digital campus? You can find the instructions to reach the TU Delft in Minecraft here

A screenshot of the campus in survival mode.