There’s an app for that

If you’re ever unsure of how to use the vegetables in your fridge or cupboard, Riverford is the app for you. “When I first came to Europe, I found I had access to quite different vegetables from what I got in Australia.

The Riverford app was a handy way to get some tips on how to use the vegetables we’d never cooked with before,” says Dr. Nathan Langford, postdoctoral researcher in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Riverford gives users access to customer reviewed recipes as well as a recipe generating function. It allows users to input up to three vegetables into the veg machine and then selects which recipe(s) would be possible given the ingredients available. “Even if you’re not the type of person who follows recipes very closely, it’s a great way to find an idea to get you started,” says Langford. Riverford is available for iOs.