​Technology festival with top performers

Technology, music and art. What may sound like a festival for the happy few, is in fact a popular event with a wide range of performers. From June 1-3 there's no better place to be than on the roof of the TU Delft Library, during the International Festival of Technology (IFoT).

The roof of the TU Delft Library is really the place to be on Friday June 3rd during the grand finale of the IFoT – as it has been known in the corridors of TU Delft since its launch last year. The festival will close in style with such well-known names as De Staat, Selah Sue and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, not to mention Son Mieux, Playground Zer0, Woof! Woof! Ridicule and OIJ. In this grand finale you can still recognise a trace of the roots of the festival: the Zomerfestival that in the years up to 2015 was an annual happening on campus, with top performers and thousands of visitors.

The Zomerfestival had to make way for a better mix of music and technology in an event that more truly reflected TU Delft. During the International Festival of Technology, TU Delft, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, InHolland University of Applied Sciences, the City of Delft and entrepreneurs fund Delft Gebied 11 are joining forces. As TU Delft communications advisor Mick de Witte told Delta earlier this year, "The IFoT is intended to be a platform that connects people from Delft and beyond; a place where they can meet up and share knowledge."

That's all very socially responsible of course, but at the end of the day, it really is a great three-day festival.

Visitors from outside TU Delft are welcome to the IFoT and entry to the festival is free. During the event, visitors can see the role that technology plays in daily life and work in the festival grounds surrounding the TU Delft Aula Conference Centre. There is a house of the future, where you can explore the bedroom featuring robot Somnox, who breathes like a person and so helps you to sleep better. The organisation is hoping for ‘an extraordinary festival that brings together playfulness and intelligence, an incubator for people with foresight and a drive for innovation’.

We‘re setting our sights on the final evening, with a beer in hand and a place right in front of the stage. But of course there's also the Escape Room at the Bazar, the heart of the festival, which also features a market selling 3D-printed jewellery. And before you enter the festival grounds, check out the special entrance 'Faces of Innovation’, designed by Architecture student Jeroen Ubels, which won him the IFoT design contest prize.