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Photo: (from left to right) Dr Rafael Aranguiz (Supervisor from the UCSC), Charlotte van den Berg (TIL), Jeffrey Groot (HE), Rutger Bax (HE), Tim van Domburg (HE), Ellis van Gorp (TIL), Umbriël Post (WM).

Do you want to know what it is like to study abroad with a group of students for three months? Over the next few weeks we will share our experiences in the Valdivia Estuary Project in Concepción, Chile.

In this first blog we will explain how we got together as a project group; how we found this project; and how we financed our trip.

In November 2016, we started preparations for the multidisciplinary Master of Civil Engineering project. Our project group consists of students from Hydraulic Engineering; Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics; and Water Management. It was important that a project encompassed all these three disciplines. To this end, the project in Chile seemed a good fit for our group.

We then devised our research question: how can infrastructure development around the Valdivia River be facilitated, given the growing volumes of freight, residents and tourists?

Project book
We now had a project and knew what we wanted to do. The next challenge was to find funding for our project in Chile. We needed sponsors, and we needed to create an appealing document to convince them to finance our project. So for companies, we created a project book that directly showed where Valdivia was located, the issue that was at play there, and what we wanted to do. We took the project book to the Civil Company Days and talked to several companies which we thought were a good match with our project.

Ultimately, we closed a sponsorship contract with Dutch Process Innovators, Van Oord and Deltares. Deltares supports us by sharing knowledge and helping to create a Delft3D model.

In addition to sponsoring, we also looked at the scholarships available to TU Delft students. All these resources together were enough to finance our airline tickets, and we even have a little money left for fun.

Do you want to know about our project in action? Then visit our website:

Valdivia rivier
The Valdivia river. (Photo: Tim van Domburg)


TU Master's students Charlotte van den Berg, Jeffrey Groot, Rutger Bax, Tim van Domburg, Ellis van Gorp and Umbriël Post will blog over the next few weeks about their experiences in Chile. Charlotte and Ellis are doing masters on transport, infrastructure and logistics. Jeffrey, Tim and Rutger are studying Hydraulic Engineering, and Umbriël is doing a master in water management. Follow them here.

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