Rijksmusem architect to give lecture at TU Delft

Spanish architect and TU Delft visiting professor Antonio Ortiz will give his inaugural address at the Faculty of Architecture on October 30, 2014.

As co-founder of Seville-based firm Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos, he and his partner Antonio Cruz are responsible for designing some of the world’s most iconic buildings, including the Olympic Stadium in Seville, the SBB Train Station in Basel, and more recently, the Rijksmuseum extension in Amsterdam. During the lecture, Ortiz is expected to share his experiences, knowledge and work in relation to the subject matter discussed during his professorship.

Born in Seville (1947), Ortiz studied architecture at the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid. Together with Cruz, the pair started their own practice in 1971 and, over the last four decades, has embarked on several award-winning projects across Europe. Parallel to their work, Cruz and Ortiz have given lectures at universities all over the world such as the graduate schools of design in Cornell, Columbia and Harvard in the US, and Lausanne in Switzerland. This year, TU Delft plays host to the architects as visiting professors of Studio Amsterdam, a master’s studio organized by the Department of Architecture in cooperation with the Amsterdam Spatial Planning Department.

“I proposed to invite Cruz y Ortiz in 2014 because I knew there would be an interest from our students to work under the guidance of these masters who had just finished the Rijksmuseum,” says Professor Kees Kaan, Chair of Complex Projects at the Faculty of Architecture. “I also knew they already had a long-term interest in the Netherlands, working on projects in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Our Landmark Studio seemed to be the perfect place and moment in the master‘s curriculum for them to work with our master’s students.”

In order to generate awareness on how small-scale architectural interventions can contribute to a better city, students participating in the Studio are tasked with conducting research and proposing design solutions, under the guidance of Ortiz. “Extensive research is important and students learn how research forms an integral part of design and the ‘metier’ of the modern day architect,” says Studio Amsterdam coordinator Aldo Trim. “During the introduction lecture, Antonio Ortiz will review the work done so far and place it in the scope of the assignment.”

The lecture is open to the public and will be held at the Orange Room of the Faculty of Architecture at 17:00.

We will have a full interview with Antonio Ortiz in Delta 7.