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TU Delft Delta Sebastiaansbrug Tramlijn 19

Whoever crosses the Sebastiaansbrug bridge to reach TU Delft will have to take an alternative route for at least a year. Work to replace the bridge will start on 14 February.

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It took a while, but Delft is really going to get a new Sint Sebastiaansbrug bridge. The current bridge, that is in a poor state of repair and is showing cracks, will be closed to all traffic on Thursday 14 February. The municipality expects that the new bridge – with a low noise road surface – will be ready in the first half of 2020, and that in the second half of 2020 tram 19 will use the bridge to reach the campus.

From 14 February onwards, cyclists, car drivers and bus drivers will be re-routed as follows.

  • Cyclists can take the Hambrug bridge, the Kanaalweg and the bicycle path along the Mijnbouwplein.


(Illustration: municipality Delft)

  • Car drivers can drive via the Kruithuisweg, Prinses Beatrixlaan and Westlandseweg.


(Illustration: municipality Delft)

  • Buses 64 and 66 will stop at the Zuidpoort stop. Buses 40 and 69 will drive from the city centre via the Voorhofdreef, the Kruithuisweg and the Mekelweg to the TU Delft area. Bus 174 will no longer go from Rotterdam Noord to Delft train station, but will make a loop around the Jaffa cemetery.


(Illustration: municipality Delft)

The new bridge will have a clearance height of 4.5 metres. It will have one lane in each direction for motor vehicles and two lanes on the east side for public transport (tram and bus).

The planning of the bridge had to be adjusted a few times over the last few years for various reasons. One of these was a delay caused by the submission of an objection to the environmental permit which was subject to the judge’s verdict. Another was that the parties involved needed more time for the work preparation than was stated in the tender.

The replacement costs of the bridge will be EUR 25 million. The municipality, provincial government and the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague will bear the costs. The bridge will be built by Aannemers Combinatie Sagittarius, an alliance of Van Spijker Infabouw and Solidd Steel Structures.

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